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Miniature Schnauzer bitch

Ugly Duckling's Pearl Harbor

Perle was born 2010.04.02 at 

Kennel Ugly Duckling in Denmark

BOB puppy

BOG puppy

BIS4 puppy



1 X BOG3

3 X Res CAC

6 X CC

Height: 34 cm

Eyetest - clear


Perle is a bitch who comes from an interesting combination. Her father Gran Carib War Admiral (Boy) comes from Kennel Gran Carib, Mexico. On 35 exhibitions Boy got BOB 33 times, taking into consideration that all colour variations of miniature schnauzer is in the same class this is an enormously good result. He is a very beautiful male and we hope Perle got some of his wonderful qualities.

Perle's mother Black Widow Knizete Sternenhocha (Blackie) comes from Kennel Knizete Sternenhocha in The Czech Republic and is an result of cross between American and European bloodlines.

Blackie's father is the U.S. import Char N'Co One More For The Road that has many beautiful offspring here in Europe. So it will be exciting to see the developments to Perle and we hope she gets some of the good qualities of her ancestors! Her name "Perle" means pearl in Norwegian




Ugly Duckling's Pearl Harbor - Reg nr DK08378/2010 - Born 2010.04.02 - Pedigree database



Gran Caribe Waradmiral

Black Ice Sepulveda

Champ. Mex. Silver Ghost Champ. Mex. Kaliman Lince
Candlemag Duran
Camp. Mex. Fire ‘N Ice Leal Champ. Mex. Jean Claude Van Dame
Champ. Mex.Ferloz Jetta LAJ Lozano

Rhia Sepulveda

Champ. Mex.GCM.Gua.Int.CA99.Lat.

Jam’s Paul MC Cartney

Champ. Mex. GCM.Sal.Gua

Jam’s Luis Miguel

Champ. Mex.Int.Gua.

Kelly’s Debbie Image of Jams

Champ. Mex. GCM. Int. Panam

Aldonza Sepulveda

Champ. Mex. Kaliman
Candlemag Duran


Black Widow Knizete Sternenhocha

Polsk UCH
Char N'Co One More For The Road

USA Champion

Char N' Co Speed Limit

Char N' Co Zoom Zoom Zoom
Char N'Co Sweet Vidalia

USA Champion

Char N' Co Undercover Girl

Char N' Co Bond James Bond

USA Champion

Char N' Co My Girl

Altagracia Carboneum

Int.Ch., Multi Ch. Dreyfus Xana's Androis

InterCh., Ch. Quandary Androis
JCh. Royal Rapsodie Androis
Int.Ch. Multi Ch. Genius Girl Androis

Inter. Ch. Multi Ch., B.I.S. Da Vinci von den Brunnengärten
ICh. Stad of Haven Xenia



Pictures of Perle:



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